released May 22, 2016

Baharat Band Members:
Michael Burdi- Oud, Guitar, Vocals, Flute
Jeff Campoli- Dahola, Darbuka, Percussion
Jerome Burdi- Darbuka, Cajon
Enrique Mancia- Bass

Guest musicians:
Adam Maalouf- Riq
Hanna Madbek- Guitar, Vocals
Cody Rowlands- Trumpet

Art Work:
John Calandra

All original music by Baharat Band
Ana Hek, co-written with Hanna Madbek

Baharat Band’s “Mosaic” review by DooBeeDooBeeDoo NY

The music clearly draws from Arabic, Persian, Turkish, and Syrian maqam. While the tracks are all clearly of the same ilk, and blend seamlessly with each other, the subtle differences between each track presents a marvelous contrast. Each piece has an individual mood and creates a subtle effect that may not be apparent in a casual listen. This is music whose effects are strong, yet not in any way overwhelming. One finds oneself immersed in the intended mood of the music before one realizes what has happened. This is perhaps, Baharat’s greatest musical strength; the ability to create a mood and draw from the inner essence of the compositions and the maqams they are based on.

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